Small businesses

Business owners– ‘Every business owner needs to know how to function online- it is a requirement‘.


Don’t rely on a third party to portray your business!

You own your business already and you don’t want to get left behind! I don’t want you to miss out to big companies who mass produce everything. Keep your business running and make more profits. Taking charge of your online presence requires marketing strategy, advertising and promoting. By doing this online training course you can learn to organise your brand awareness, your website and your message. The Six Figure Mentors provide an easy- to -follow training package, together with tools from the Digital Business lounge to build your own website. It is an outstanding training platform. I used it to help me to start my consultation courses. It is particularly useful for existing businesses. I would strongly advise you not to use an external agency to do this for you, but to train yourself up and stay in control.

If you own an existing business this training will give you all the tools you to conduct your business successfully online. It includes everything you need to make your online presence felt.

If you are interested in this training then I will send you seven free emails with snippets of the training videos, after which you will need to apply to join this digital education platform. Once accepted you will need to get full student membership to access the training modules 1-5. Email me directly if you have any questions. I will send you this when you subscribe below.

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