How many of us sit and wait for things to change? How many of us wish for something more, or something better, but then do nothing to change ourselves? The world isn’t going to magically change for us. If we want our world to change, we must first change…
Has there ever been a point in your life where you’ve had an unbelievable level of focus on something, but since then you’ve struggled to find out how to get that back?   Let’s be honest, when you have that unstoppable drive it lets you achieve…
Being interested won’t get you everything that you want in life. Being committed will. There’s a very big difference, most people are just interested. But when it gets too hard, they give up. They run from fear, they shy away from getting uncomfortable.
I can help you with strategies to learn best if you are struggling. My general advice here would be to use the following tips:
  • Chunking strategy: Break down the learning material into manageable areas.
  • Focused attention: Have zero distractions when you’re learning something new and be completely focused. Your time must be focused on learning.
  • Take breaks: After a session of 45 – 60 minutes, take a small break to restore your attention.
  • Spaced repetition: It’s better to practice for 1 hour 5 times than for 5 hours 1 time.
  • Deliberate practice: Do focused drills and exercises until you get better at a particular area
  • Interleaved practice: Use different concepts, approaches and techniques in the same learning session, mix your practice – speed up, slow down learning, try tests, practice different things.
  • Get out of your comfort zone: Don’t practice the thing you already mastered, practice things that are a little bit out of your comfort zone. Always be at the edge of your abilities.
  • The point where you master an area : You master something when practice turns to second nature. Practice that area until you know it well enough.
  • Rest: If you want to improve, you need to get enough sleep and you should rest between the video training. There is no improvement without rest. When acquiring knowledge or skills, you’re making changes to your brain.