Career changers

What is your reason for wanting a career change? Think very carefully about this. How do you feel in your present career? We all have our personal reasons to be here. The trouble is that we made the decisions of which career we wanted when we were young, and  based on our influences we had (from our schools, teachers, parents, family etc) at the time. Things change and as we grow, we find that we just don’t enjoy our line of work as much as we should or it doesn’t suit us anymore and we start looking for change.

Having spent time looking at different career changes, I came to realise that everyone comes with their own inter-transferable skill-set. Why not use this to your advantage? When you do look for a career change, it can be a risky time for you. It is not always as simple as swapping a job.  There are lots of barriers to entry which you may encounter. You may have to spend years re-training at a University. This can be very expensive when you haven’t got income coming in .Trying to get your foot in the door to gain work experience can be very difficult, particularly when you haven’t got the right contacts.

Very often this results you having to offer your services for free, whilst starting a the bottom and trying to work your way up.This is so frustrating and restraining. Many people revert back to their old career because they begin to feel the same way as before.


It is what we do with our present experiences and how we harness and develop them over the years that helps us. Many people want to change their careers but are unaware of the possibilities to develop and grow with what they have already got. In an ever changing world of technological advancement, we can use our current skill-set to provide value to others and make a living. Teaching other people what you know provides the basis to produce your own profitable online business. The problem is that many of us don’t know where to start. Here is where I can refer you to an education that makes you self-sustainable. You can train from home, from your own laptop whilst working and get yourself in a position to get moving. Find out more.

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