About Sheila Emery

Why am I promoting a digital education?

 It can be the lifeline, the stepping stone to a whole new lifestyle for you, like it was for me. With all of my accomplishments, after 22 years as a Science teacher, some of my most successful students used a digital education.  They utilised the awesome technology that ‘everyone’ has access to. They went on to build online self made careers, created high profit margins, with low overheads, and minimal management.  To  start I also realised that if I didn’t get on board, I would miss out on an incredible opportunity to be a part of the most lucrative and powerful economic driver globally.  And why wouldn’t I want to get on board?  The Internet is where business takes place, where people socialise, where we gather information! It is the most effective way to reach markets, promote interests, be in touch, reduce management time and the expenses that would normally be required in a brick and mortar business. And it doesn’t even require a degree!

So, I took the plunge and educated myself to the world of online marketing.  The result? It’s revolutionised every part of my life . . and I can work on the beach or anywhere as long as I have my computer or my mobile Phone.

Who am I?  Someone with a lifetime of many successes, and failures, who found myself in what was supposed to be my ideal career and life.  Yet, something was missing. I already had a Biochemistry and Chemistry graduate degree, and a qualified Science Teacher. I am happily married with three small children. But I wanted to enjoy time with my family and get a work-life balance. I wanted freedom and unlimited income, but I had no idea how to have both.

Living in the comfort zone suddenly didn’t feel so ‘comfortable,’ and I made a drastic change. I quit my full time teaching job and began to do supply work. Alongside this I began to train myself up with an entirely new skill-set. Still, my friends thought I was crazy. After all, I was an established Science Teacher, right?  I didn’t listen and forged ahead.  It’s never too late to pursue old or new passions. I explored everything I ever wanted to do and continue to do so. Don’t wait to live your dreams!  It is absolutely awesome!  The best part is that it is fulfilling my dreams of loving my work, calling my own hours, being able to work anywhere where there is an Internet connection and dictate who and what I am, and how much I desire to earn. The funny thing is that people are so afraid to give up their ‘security,’ but I know that there is no such thing.

My core values define my beliefs and I am committed to  providing you with:

  • Integrity.’ I feel that it is necessary for me to be honest with my role and responsibilities’
  • Sense of Hope for all.‘ Providing hope for students and adults of all ages and from all backgrounds.’
  • Sense of Urgency to help all people improve their education
  • Continuous Self-Learning. ‘ I’m always looking for ways to improve my own knowledge, skill sets and understanding’
  • Mutual respect. ‘I strongly believe everyone should make it a habit to look for the unique talents of each person we meet and be respectful of their differences. We often learn more from our mistakes and failures than our successes as we go through life.’ 
  • I make it a habit to listen to others, encourage my students and others around me. 

My  Mission: ‘To help as many as possible to live the life they truly deserve and take the time to enjoy life’.

I want to inspire and as many people as possible to achieve their fullest career potential.

I am doing this by mentoring them – sharing my knowledge and experiences intelligently, with empathy and support to fulfilling my own dream to make a difference in the world.’

 During my career I have been a Teacher Governor, Key stage 3 coordinator, Head of Science and an adult tutor. I have also worked as a senior sales negotiator in an  estate agency, as a telesales agent for a bank.

The thing I loved the most was the new experience of trying out a different career’

After a number of years I decided that working in a set job leaves you feeling stale,  unfulfilled and overworked. With recent technological advancements it has become possible to start your own online businesses and not be tied down to them. ‘ I wanted to live a life of time freedom and true personal power’. I now help other people find their personal passion and realign their values.

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