How do I escape the rat race?

Being stuck in the rat-race is an unwanted reality for so many of us. Tired of the work and feeling constantly in a state of demanding entrapment wears us down. Yet we keep going, keep plugging away at it, whilst in a state of continual surrender and hope that some day we will escape. But what does it take to escape? How can we guarantee that we will be able to pull out of it all and still generate enough income to keep maintaining ourselves? First we have to ask ourselves what is truly making us feel this way. This blog discusses three possible reasons for feeling stuck and how we can pull out of it.

Escaping the rat race requires forward planning.

Time Freedom

Most people normally say that they feel like they lack time with their families and be there for their own kids or elderly parents when it matters the most. Feeling tied down to a demanding job with high levels of responsibility means that we have to show that we are committed and not leave until we have managed every task and micromanaged every aspect of our job. Some of us even bring work home with us. Constant emails, phone calls and ongoing preparation means that we are continuously bombarded with demands. 

When you want more time freedom to enjoy with your family.


Are you being asked to do things that are over and beyond what you should have to be doing? Does the success of your team or department depend on a joint responsibility? We are sometimes guilt ridden by what we didn’t do and we beat ourselves up over it. Perhaps no one even acknowledges all of the positive things you do but dwell on trying to correct you all the time. Maybe you are just fed up of being told what to do and would rather just work for yourself. 

Escape the excess pressure- be your own boss!

Financial ties.

We are all so accustomed to our standard of living. Mortgages, car finance, divorces, credit card debts and the rising costs of living are some of the reasons why we feel compelled to keep going back to our jobs. This keeps dragging us down until we just want to pull out. It could be that you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.   

Pulling out successfully.

If any of those reasons struck a cord with you then you are in the right place. You don’t have to make any rash decisions immediately. What you could do with is changing your skill-set and use your existing skills to change your career for good. It is not something you can do overnight and you won’t get rich quick- this doesn’t exist. The likelihood that we will win the National lottery in the UK tomorrow is as low as 1 in 45,057,474 and even lower for other lotteries. Yet we still buy it because we think that maybe we will become lucky. We all know that we have to work for our money and this is no exception.

Planning to be free and enjoy your life.

The difference is that you can work from wherever you want, when you want and how often you want to. You can work from your living room or a holiday location. You can be looking after your own children or visiting your family. You could be a lady or gentleman that lunches or a gym fanatic and still be working- from your laptop. You could be gardening, watching day time TV, or sitting in your bath all day! The other freedom you will acquire is being in charge of your own business or businesses online. You don’t even need products and services of your own. Other companies will pay you to sell their products. You don’t have to chase clients or do cold calling sales.

How do I escape the rat race?
Escape the rat race

In other words there is no slap in the face. You could make a cushy income online and still do your own thing. The thing is that you can’t make it on your own. You need help in the form of an experienced community that share all their successes and pitfalls. On top of this, you need training. It is not as easy as typing ‘laptop work’ or ‘working from home’ in a google search. What you need is proper training from proper experts. 

So you need an education. Every job or career move that pays requires an education. Anything of any value deserves attention and effort on your part. You don’t need any prior qualifications or prerequisties. You are going back to school! But this time it is an online school with adults of all ages, from all backgrounds and experiences. As well as this you get business tools, training, tech support, coaches, mentors, contacts- it’s the whole shabang! Still up for it? If you want to escape then this a simple and effective way out. Put in a few hours a week to training up and be shown the way forward and go as far as you want to. Let’s be completely clear on this one. The sky is your limit and when you have begun to make profits and are in a position to wave goodbye to your day job with grace, do it in style! 

Keeping your plan private….

An escape plan is what I’m providing you. Simply put the work in and achieve the results. It is a proven business system that has worked for thousands of people worldwide. The training is member-exclusive and you can’t get it anywhere else. Textbooks and some training courses barely scratch this unique information on the surface. The mentors are highly experienced and help you to help yourself. in small steps. The video training is clear, concise and fluff free. In the initial stages you may feel that you don’t want to announce to people at work what you plan to do. Don’t burn your bridges! Just remember that when you have had this highly valuable training you will be in even more demand! Stick with it and get the highest level of training you can get your teeth into. You will be surprised! As you become more confident you will begin to succeed. It all depends if your need to change is great enough. The thing is that if you don’t take action now, you will be in the same position this time next year or the year after that. Nothing will change. Do you want to escape the rat race? Really? If you do, then this is a method that works for sure. Try it for yourself!

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