Follow your dreams-achieve your goals

Here’s the thing:  Intentions are never enough. Even full-blown goal-setting isn’t worth much if you don’t do it right.

What would you like to accomplish in the next three months or so? My hope is to help you establish your true goals and be sure to hold you accountable to be able to achieve them. Firstly they need to be specific. Is it to get healthy and fit? Is it to enjoy life more and get more time to yourself? Is it to improve your current lifestyle?

One thing I’ve learned a million times, over and over: realistic is better than overwhelm. I’ll take a small success over an ambitious failure any day. Small successes show us that we really can change our behaviour in a lasting way. So lets break down your ambitions, your dreams and your aspirations into smaller, achievable steps. Let’s see how motivated you get when faced with ridiculously easy steps.

For the long term, lets identify why your goal is important to you. Think less about what you want to achieve and focus in on how you want to feel. Identify a “why” for your goal that will motivate you over the long haul.

We do better when we let go of our ‘heavy‘ reasons for why we want to do something. Why? Because in the long haul it turns out that emotions are far more motivating than achieving goals in the long run. Your feelings determine the level of happiness in your life and are a direct indicator of it.

The truth of the matter is that we all come with our life history. We are the product of our upbringing, our experiences and our own talents. All the ups and downs; the trials and tribulations have made us what we are now. Acknowledging your own uniqueness, with all its flaws and beauty requires a time of personal reflection. Then you realise that you want to explore the possibilities and not only improve your own life but the life of others.

It is true that finding your true purpose, your passion and mission in life makes you a true success. This is why you have to spend some time to reflect and align your values. As your Education and Career consultant, I will help you to find a real vision of success for yourself that matches your personal attributes. I will also offer you a digital training package that will put you through your paces. As you learn online digital skills, you also master the art of self reflection and build a life of true personal power.


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