How do I escape the rat race?

Escape the rat race

Being stuck in the rat-race is an unwanted reality for so many of us. Tired of the work and feeling constantly in a state of demanding entrapment wears us down. Yet we keep going, keep plugging away at it, whilst in a state of continual surrender and hope that some day we will escape. But what does it take to escape? How can we guarantee that we will be able to pull out of it all and still generate enough income to keep maintaining ourselves? First we have to ask ourselves what is truly making us feel this way. This blog discusses three possible reasons for feeling stuck and how we can pull out of it.

Escaping the rat race requires forward planning.

Time Freedom

Most people normally say that they feel like they lack time with their families and be there for their own kids or elderly parents when it matters the most. Feeling tied down to a demanding job with high levels of responsibility means that we have to show that we are committed and not leave until we have managed every task and micromanaged every aspect of our job. Some of us even bring work home with us. Constant emails, phone calls and ongoing preparation means that we are continuously bombarded with demands. 

When you want more time freedom to enjoy with your family.


Are you being asked to do things that are over and beyond what you should have to be doing? Does the success of your team or department depend on a joint responsibility? We are sometimes guilt ridden by what we didn’t do and we beat ourselves up over it. Perhaps no one even acknowledges all of the positive things you do but dwell on trying to correct you all the time. Maybe you are just fed up of being told what to do and would rather just work for yourself. 

Escape the excess pressure- be your own boss!

Financial ties.

We are all so accustomed to our standard of living. Mortgages, car finance, divorces, credit card debts and the rising costs of living are some of the reasons why we feel compelled to keep going back to our jobs. This keeps dragging us down until we just want to pull out. It could be that you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.   

Pulling out successfully.

If any of those reasons struck a cord with you then you are in the right place. You don’t have to make any rash decisions immediately. What you could do with is changing your skill-set and use your existing skills to change your career for good. It is not something you can do overnight and you won’t get rich quick- this doesn’t exist. The likelihood that we will win the National lottery in the UK tomorrow is as low as 1 in 45,057,474 and even lower for other lotteries. Yet we still buy it because we think that maybe we will become lucky. We all know that we have to work for our money and this is no exception.

Planning to be free and enjoy your life.

The difference is that you can work from wherever you want, when you want and how often you want to. You can work from your living room or a holiday location. You can be looking after your own children or visiting your family. You could be a lady or gentleman that lunches or a gym fanatic and still be working- from your laptop. You could be gardening, watching day time TV, or sitting in your bath all day! The other freedom you will acquire is being in charge of your own business or businesses online. You don’t even need products and services of your own. Other companies will pay you to sell their products. You don’t have to chase clients or do cold calling sales.

How do I escape the rat race?
Escape the rat race

In other words there is no slap in the face. You could make a cushy income online and still do your own thing. The thing is that you can’t make it on your own. You need help in the form of an experienced community that share all their successes and pitfalls. On top of this, you need training. It is not as easy as typing ‘laptop work’ or ‘working from home’ in a google search. What you need is proper training from proper experts. 

So you need an education. Every job or career move that pays requires an education. Anything of any value deserves attention and effort on your part. You don’t need any prior qualifications or prerequisties. You are going back to school! But this time it is an online school with adults of all ages, from all backgrounds and experiences. As well as this you get business tools, training, tech support, coaches, mentors, contacts- it’s the whole shabang! Still up for it? If you want to escape then this a simple and effective way out. Put in a few hours a week to training up and be shown the way forward and go as far as you want to. Let’s be completely clear on this one. The sky is your limit and when you have begun to make profits and are in a position to wave goodbye to your day job with grace, do it in style! 

Keeping your plan private….

An escape plan is what I’m providing you. Simply put the work in and achieve the results. It is a proven business system that has worked for thousands of people worldwide. The training is member-exclusive and you can’t get it anywhere else. Textbooks and some training courses barely scratch this unique information on the surface. The mentors are highly experienced and help you to help yourself. in small steps. The video training is clear, concise and fluff free. In the initial stages you may feel that you don’t want to announce to people at work what you plan to do. Don’t burn your bridges! Just remember that when you have had this highly valuable training you will be in even more demand! Stick with it and get the highest level of training you can get your teeth into. You will be surprised! As you become more confident you will begin to succeed. It all depends if your need to change is great enough. The thing is that if you don’t take action now, you will be in the same position this time next year or the year after that. Nothing will change. Do you want to escape the rat race? Really? If you do, then this is a method that works for sure. Try it for yourself!

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Sheila Emery

Ever suffered from Burn-out?

Stress can be a real drainer literally! We all have stress triggers and some can be productive. They make us do things, go places and get moving. On the other hand, prolonged excessive stress in any areas of your life can lead to burn-out.If you are trying really hard to make improvements and be more productive you may have stress. Feeling burned out means that you start to disengage yourself from work and distance yourself from others.

You can tell if you have burn-out if you start feeling an overwhelming sense of being physically, emotionally or mentally exhausted. This can either be from work or from your lifestyle. Experiencing a feeling of being overwhelmed to the point of ill-health, because of the constant demands can happen to anyone, in any job, and at any stage of their professional life.

A person that suffers from stress experiences an increase in cortisol and adrenaline levels. Someone who has burn-out, has already suffered these elevated levels over a long period of time, for weeks, possibly months. You then get the physical symptoms such as: Headaches, Gastrointestinal disorders
Difficulty sleeping or interrupted sleep patterns, Muscle tension Aches and pains, more bouts of cold and flu. Burnout causes people to feel drained, unable to cope, and tired. They often lack energy to get their work done. Physiologically a person may feel anxiety in the mornings, feeling listless with a 
low mood, find it difficult to concentrate, lack creativity. This typically displays itself as a low commitment to the job and they may seem as though they have lost their sense of purpose. Other signs include high absenteeism, short temperedness, a deep sense of cynicism or lacking empathy and compassion for those they are serving. As this continues, performance drops which becomes self defeating.
There are three key reasons for this to happen.

Unmanageable workload. When a workload feels unmanageable, even the most optimistic employees will feel pressured. Feeling overwhelmed can quickly lead to burnout.

Unreasonable time pressure. People who say they have enough time to do their work are 75 percent less likely to experience high burnout. Individuals who are not able to gain more time, such as paramedics and firefighters, teachers and Physicians are all at a higher risk of burnout than most.

Lack of role clarity. When expectations keep changing, people become exhausted by trying to figure out what they are supposed to be doing. 

What can I do about it?

In the short term you can take a holiday, start doing some more exercise and getting more fresh air in the daylight hours. Ask to cut down your hours or go part time. This may give you some time to catch up on sleep, wind down and get your energy levels back on track. This ensures that you get your work-life balance back and gives you a breather. In the long run, a change in position or a new job altogether may be necessary to put an end to burnout. This can initially seem daunting unless you have credible training, support and help to make a success of yourself. Many people feel as though this is a waste of time as trained professionals have already spent years training up in their field. However there is another way.Using your existing qualifications, knowledge, experience and skill-set you can start to share your values and advice to others online and in doing so gain commissions from your laptop. You can work at your own pace and be your own boss. That way you would have more time to relax and unwind, set your own goals and targets. You can in-effect manage your own workload without the pressure of having to work for a set income. To find out more subscribe at Https://

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When you subscribe I will send you Free Video training, that shows you a clear cut route to work online without the hassle. These are successful expert entreprenuers that show you all the proven methods that work. If you need time freedom to look after yourself more and recover from that feeling of burn-out. this will change everything for you. There is no obligation to join and you can unsubscribe at anytime. It really is worth looking into, in order to change your lifestyle.

Sheila Emery

Why should we struggle with a modest income?

Struggling on a modest income is no joke. Yes, you will have to buy those shoes for your teenage son or daughter. Yes we have to purchase the latest gizmo or gadget that our kids are into, just because all the other parents are buying it. We could say no to that school trip because it costs too much or it means we have to do without something. It’s ok to be frugule and try and keep on top of our budget but our fixed incomes just don’t hold enough capacity for all the expenses. At some time in our lives, we struggle with personal debts and mortgages repayments. It all boils down to two things. Either cut down on our expenses, do without that holiday or new kitchen, or make more income.

Now the problem isn’t always going to work itself. Many people are happy in their jobs and content at putting in their best every single day. You might be feeling the same. But the income you get is from trading your precious time and effort for money. I didn’t want to be a workaholic maniac because there is more to life. If we actually worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without a break and spent nothing- and I mean no outgoings (like a robot, without the need for sleep or any leisure), then you might start to notice that you are beginning to save more. You and I know, that is not the case and that saving money can be a real struggle. All you need is one unexpected expense and boom-it’s all gone. 

Thankfully there is a better way that kills two birds with one stone. Firstly you can start generating an online income without limits. This means that you could make more profits than you get income from a standard job. Secondly you don’t have to work your fingers to the bone, till you get burnt out. That way you can actually enjoy life and do the things you love, rather than be stuck working for someone else. It all relies on your prospective. Less than two years ago I thought, ‘If I could automate my work and then get on with my day and get commissions as a result of my actions, I’d do it!’ 

Well, one idea was doing over-time. Sorry, nope, just didn’t fancy it. Then I went through a phase where I looked for other potential jobs with a higher income. Again that is extra responsibility that comes with an additional burden and stress.

I also knew so many people who do a second job in the weekend, just to make ends meet. But that in effect takes you away from your family and your rest time. I just didn’t see any sense in that. Why should we have to do that at all? 

Then I came across a community of entrepreneurs that offered to give me the tools and training to start and build my own successful profitable businesses. The beauty of it was that the businesses would be online. Now I simply keep tabs on them from my phone. You still have to work! It is not as easy as it sounds and indeed a new skill that is of value needs proper training. Twenty five years ago, I had spent five years at University, first to become a Biochemistry graduate and two years training up to become a Science Teacher. It wasn’t just handed to me on a plate. I had to work hard at it. I had to build up my skills and knowledge base. So yes, I was prepared to work at this too. I wanted to learn how to run online businesses properly, from proper legit experts. Now I could have done some random online course but I wanted to learn from the best.

You do just have to commit to it and stick at it. Take the rough with the smooth. But common sense tells me that if I’m learning from the best then some of it will rub off and I will begin to see a real change in my lifestyle. So I started doing the training and it really helped me to stop struggling. Getting the time freedom back in my life and building a future for financial freedom is now the ultimate aim. I’m on track. I train up for an hour or two a night and check my existing set ups. That’s it. I’m done. Somedays I do a bit or a bit less but that is part of the time freedom. Other people in the community have given up their day jobs and just run their online businesses, and why not? They just love it so much that they’ve advanced their skills to a great extent. It gives you back the choice. You can get up when you want, take the kids to school if you’d rather or take a couple of hours off.

If you think you could do with a change of lifestyle then lets get you on-board. 

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Follow your dreams-achieve your goals

Here’s the thing:  Intentions are never enough. Even full-blown goal-setting isn’t worth much if you don’t do it right.

What would you like to accomplish in the next three months or so? My hope is to help you establish your true goals and be sure to hold you accountable to be able to achieve them. Firstly they need to be specific. Is it to get healthy and fit? Is it to enjoy life more and get more time to yourself? Is it to improve your current lifestyle?

One thing I’ve learned a million times, over and over: realistic is better than overwhelm. I’ll take a small success over an ambitious failure any day. Small successes show us that we really can change our behaviour in a lasting way. So lets break down your ambitions, your dreams and your aspirations into smaller, achievable steps. Let’s see how motivated you get when faced with ridiculously easy steps.

For the long term, lets identify why your goal is important to you. Think less about what you want to achieve and focus in on how you want to feel. Identify a “why” for your goal that will motivate you over the long haul.

We do better when we let go of our ‘heavy‘ reasons for why we want to do something. Why? Because in the long haul it turns out that emotions are far more motivating than achieving goals in the long run. Your feelings determine the level of happiness in your life and are a direct indicator of it.

The truth of the matter is that we all come with our life history. We are the product of our upbringing, our experiences and our own talents. All the ups and downs; the trials and tribulations have made us what we are now. Acknowledging your own uniqueness, with all its flaws and beauty requires a time of personal reflection. Then you realise that you want to explore the possibilities and not only improve your own life but the life of others.

It is true that finding your true purpose, your passion and mission in life makes you a true success. This is why you have to spend some time to reflect and align your values. As your Education and Career consultant, I will help you to find a real vision of success for yourself that matches your personal attributes. I will also offer you a digital training package that will put you through your paces. As you learn online digital skills, you also master the art of self reflection and build a life of true personal power.